The Forever Green Challenge has ended. Thank you to all DCF donors—we will share results as soon as they have been fully tabulated.

Matching Gift Challenge

Every gift made on November 28 will help unlock special BONUS MATCHES being offered throughout the day (for a total of $110,000):

✅ The 50th donor to make a gift today unlocks $10,000 in match money
✅ The 110th donor to make a gift will unlock an additional $25,000
✅ The 250th donor to make a gift will unlock $25,000 more
✅ The 325th donor will unlock ANOTHER $25,000
✅ The 500th donor will get us further still, with yet another $25,000

The Forever Green Giving Tuesday Puzzle Fun 

Dartmouth students are the winners when you make your gift. Do you know where this is on campus? Make your DCF gift to find out! Each puzzle piece will be revealed and challenge dollars unlocked as we hit each milestone.